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Know Your Super Foods: Ginger

Ginger has been referred to as a miracle herb and a medicinal wonder by many nutritionists as well as the people who use it daily. Don’t let the shriveled hand look fool you. Ginger is one powerful little plant.

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Mastering the Classics: The Chest Press

The chest press is the exercise that always prompts the age-old bodybuilding question: “How much can ya’ bench?” Those high plate numbers offer bragging rights and an accomplished physique… assuming that you are performing the exercise correctly.

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5 Simple Changes You Need To Make

From fatigue to pain, people are constantly looking for a way to trouble shoot the signals that are being sent to them. I’ve compiled a list of the 5 most common pieces of advice that I would hear myself saying week after week.

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Top Five Exercise Mistakes

As a personal trainer, it’s tough not to walk into a gym and immediately notice that the weight room is filled with guys and girls using improper form. Time and time again, gym goers put their ego ahead of their safety.

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Re-inventing German Volume Training

This week in the Miami Muscle blog, I want to dedicate my article to the hard gainers. The guys that have to fight against their genetics on top of everything else in order to put on a few pounds of muscle.

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Know Your Super Foods: Garlic

Garlic compliments your dinner dishes, wards off vampires and vastly improves your health. It’s an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal wonder that is one of nature’s multi-vitamins.

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How Stretching Can Lead to Bigger Lean Muscle Gains

My final dedication article to the skinny guys looking to pack on muscle. If you have followed the information in the previous three sections, then chances are that you’re pretty sore and on the right track to that goal of 10 or 15 pounds of lean muscle mass.

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