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5 Things You’ll Learn in Our Members Only Program

Your Body Type Profile

Optimize training and nutrition, tailored to your body type. Ectomorphs find it hard to gain muscle, so they should avoid too much cardio – while Endomorphs gain fat more easily and need to modify their diet accordingly. You can find this information and more in our Workout and Nutrition Guides that you’ll be able to access when you join Miami Muscle.

Nutrition Plans

Nutrition is 70% of the process; you’ll learn what to eat and when in our Nutrition Guide PDF as well as our videos.

Workout Philosophy

Why weightlifting and bodybuilding are two different concepts. Lifting more weight does not equate to more muscle, otherwise the strongest man in the world would also be the biggest. Think of guys on a construction site; they are incredibly strong, but they don’t keep growing. In order to grow, you need a specific philosophy and technique. Miami Muscle provides Moji’s techniques and recognized principles of body building, which you’ll find in the Workout Schedule and Philosophy videos.

Exercise Schedule

We offer Exercise Schedules with 2, 3, and 4 day splits for both beginner & intermediate levels along with differences for each body type, which you’ll find in our Workout Schedule section for Members only.

Specific Instruction

Did you know that 90% of guys who benchpress are actually doing it wrong? Miami Muscle offers professionally lit, Multi Camera views with State-Of-The-Art Animation showing the angles and ranges along with visual tool tips from 35 time Natural Bodybuilding Champion Moji Oluwa. Each video offers and introductions, common mistakes, correct form and summary. You’ll find this in our Tutorials and Downloadable Reference Cards section.

Meet Your Trainer: Moji

As a former Olympic weight lifting gold medalist and 35 time natural body building champion (including the Arnold Classic) if there’s anyone who knows the difference between lifting weights and building muscle; it’s Moji. After more than 20 years of competitive level experience, Moji understands the biomechanics of the body and the importance of structured workouts to help you build muscle fast without injuries.

Moji’s champion level experience has allowed him the opportunity to hone his body building system down to a science and shares the process in complete detail in our membership program. Instead of worrying about making the mistakes that lead to false starts, stalled results, or injury, you can simply use our highly effective system to build muscle with a purpose; when you’re ready to lift for results and not just for fun.

Doctor Approved Fitness at its Finest

To reduce risk of injury and to keep you on track in reaching your goals, every training module at Miami Muscle has been personally reviewed by Dr. Corey Mote; who specializes in human motor physiology and is a former bodybuilder himself. The following is an extraction of his professionally qualified opinion.

Learn More about Dr. Corey Mote on his website at www.coreymote.com.


Decline Press

“So long as the exercise is performed as Moji demonstrates in the video one can benefit greatly in the development of pectoral musculature with minimal to no predisposition for orthopedic problems.”


Lying Leg Curl

“Great elaboration on placement and speed of the exercise. It also helped greatly to see the hamstring muscle definition while the exercise is in action.”


Leg Lifts

“Great demonstration for this exercise, as this is one so often performed incorrectly; which could lead to lower back ailments.”


Dumbbell Lateral Raise

“This is my favorite exercise for the middle head of the deltoid muscle. Remember to perform slowly with no swinging of the body, in order to maximize effectiveness of this lift.”


Pull Down

“A very effective exercise and important to keep elbows locked in at all times while performing with a focus on form, rather than weight.”


High Pulley Curl

“I like this exercise for two reasons. First, it is a great application to use in developing the biceps with proper form taken into consideration. Second, if you’re a bodybuilder, this is sport specific in the competition arena, as it resembles the front or rear double bicep pose.”