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Here’s What Makes Miami Muscle Different
Than Any Other Workout Program

Miami Muscle
Believes in Training Smarter, Not Harder

By eliminating common training mistakes and providing personalized workout and nutrition programs, Miami Muscle helps you train smarter and see results faster—period.

Miami Muscle
Eliminates the Guesswork

Our cutting edge graphic animation training videos are specifically designed to provide the close-ups and multiple angles necessary to show you how to do the exercises properly and eliminate any guesswork with easy to follow guidance.

Miami Muscle
Ends Your Frustration

Stalled results and false starts destroy motivation and lead to the frustrations that typically cause men to quit bodybuilding within the first couple of weeks. At Miami Muscle, we keep you on target by training you how to avoid common mistakes and injuries so you stay both on track and motivated to reach your goals.

Miami Muscle
Gets You Where You Want – Fast

Whether you are working out to build self-confidence, attract beautiful women, or just to get in shape and stay healthy, Miami Muscle gets you the results you crave—whatever your reason!

How you can achieve a ripped body
in record time with Miami Muscle

Lessons Direct from a World Champion BodyBuilder

Miami Muscle is the ONLY place you can find exclusive training lessons from 35-time world body building champion and gain an unfair advantage thanks to his 20 years of competition level experience. Moji shares the very same strategies, tips, and secrets that helped make him a world champion bodybuilder and he shares them all in step-by-step lessons designed to help you reach your results in record time.

Cutting Edge Graphic Animation

Featuring multiple camera angles: our state-of-the-art graphic animation training modules show you in stunning detail exactly how to perform each exercise. In high definition, and a professional lit setting we also show you how to avoid common mistakes that disrupt progress and increase injury risk! Our members rave over the fact that these advanced workout videos are the closest thing to live training, on the market today.

Workout & Nutrition Plans

With your membership, Miami Muscle provides a detailed Workout and Nutrition Plan based upon your body type. A properly proportional diet plan makes up 70% of our programs success factor, and our detailed guidance ensures that you are feeding your body exactly what it needs to maximize your workouts and reach your specific body building goals in record time. Your champion level direction includes a downloadable PDF, “How to” videos from Moji and bonus instruction for common body building exercises used in combination to train you how to build muscle intelligently.

Doctor Approved System
for Maximum Safety

Dr. Corey Mote specializes in human motor physiology as a full-time chiropractor in northern Georgia, and is also an internationally acclaimed fitness model, actor, and a contributing columnist for many fitness magazines as well as several chiropractic and medical publications. Dr. Mote’s dynamic career made him an impeccable partner, offering our program a highly-respected stamp of approval as one of the industry’s safest and most effective body building programs.